What affects the “Market value” of a property?

The “Market Value” of a property is by definition, the price that a “willing, able and informed” purchaser will pay a “willing and informed ” seller for his/her property.

Sellers naturally are inclined to put an unrealistic value on their properties whilst buyers on the other hand are naturally inclined to search for that elusive bargain…..

A measure of the “market value” of your property is first determined by the price of transferred property in the current year, same suburb, same street, and same erf extent.

Factors that will FURTHER influence the market value of your property are:

1) the size  and features of your home
3) the general condition (first impressions are very important)
4) the quality of finishes (tiling, aluminium Windows, etc)
5) structural faults (a crack in the plaster, visible damp)
6) special features like a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, views etc…

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