In the current context of COVID-19, we align ourselves to the world’s committment in containing the spread of the virus. We carry on our operations whilst observing the rules in order to contain the virus.

This means that we will use as much as possible the remote and online tools. Consult our website for properties that match your needs. Email us or phone us with your questions and criteria. We can setup whatsapp calls, or skype or even face time.

We will refrain from meeting with any foreign national or any person that has entered the country in the previous 14 days, or anyone who has travelled outside South Africa.  

We will refrain from interacting with clients who have flu-like symptoms.

We will adopt the Namaste to replace the business hand shake.

We will distance ourselves, keeping at least 2 meters from our clients, family and friends at all times.

We request, should there be a viewing, that our clients observe the same rules before visiting property on sale or rent.

We thank you for your understanding.

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