Buying a home – (1)

Buying a home is known to be one of the biggest decision most people will take in their life.
The first thing to decide is WHERE you would want to live, then depending on your lifestyle you would know the type of SUBURB. One should consider proximity to city, work, schools, shops etc…

Next thing is your budget:
-amount of loan you have been pre-approved for which is based on your Financial situation will be the best indicator.
– amount of cash you are able to put down as a deposit
– amount of cash you have available for the transfer costs.

At this point, you are ready to look and do your “homework” to get a feel of the properties available in that suburb/location within your budget/finances.

Other factors that would influence your decision on purchasing a home will be 1) whether you want to move in without having to do any work on the property or 2) whether you will do rénovations to the house.



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